Why travel to japan?

Japan is a country of vibrant sights and a rich heritage. It is a must-visit country due to its numerous activities. Here are the top 10 reasons to visit Japan. This is one of the most emblematic places in Japan, as many tourists flock to walk or hike these beautiful mountains to enjoy their wonderful views.

The trip from Tokyo to Mt. Fuji is 2.5 hours away as it is far from the city center. If visiting temples isn't your thing (and in Japan you can see a lot of temples), maybe Nara should be at the top of your list. The huge Todaiji temple here is not only impressive for the size of its wooden doors, pillars and corridors, as well as the 15-meter-high bronze Buddha inside, but also because of the multitude of white-tailed deer that prowl around the outside.

Most are friendly, and although shy, they practice sticking a velvet nose in their direction in the hope of some crackers, which are on sale everywhere. Japan has been bathing in onsen since at least the 8th century, when a belief in the healing powers of a natural hot spring was paramount. An onsen is defined as a natural spring with water emerging at 25°C or higher and containing at least one from a defined list of 19 elements. The second time I visited him, I was only in Hokkaido doing a minimal trip, as it was a ski trip, so I decided to pay for my train trip directly.

It is ideal for first-time travelers, as you can soak up the lively atmosphere of the party in Shibuya. If you're a traveler but don't want to spend so much on your adventure, don't worry anymore, as there are a lot of ideas you can do without hurting your pockets. Countless friends, videos, documentaries, articles and others genuinely feel the joy of traveling around Japan. She has been traveling for more than 10 years experiencing unique cultures, new food and meeting fantastic people.

The euphoria felt by those working in Japan's travel industry (including me) quickly dimmed with follow-up announcements stating that Japan intended to start package travel this month. It is one of the best countries to travel for women traveling alone, as people are respectful and the chances of being hurt by violent crimes are slim. Anime is a lucrative industry and many people love to travel to Japan to learn about the etymology of anime. From March 1, business travelers and foreign students can enter Japan as long as they have the appropriate visa (apply in advance at the nearest Japanese embassy or consulate; you will need a sponsor in Japan).

It is possible that the government will then begin to allow real tourists in carefully monitored tour packages, but they are unlikely to succeed, especially when the most likely participants of those tours are not allowed to travel this year. After traveling to more than 80 countries, I can honestly say that Japanese people are among the most courteous people in the world. If you're wondering what travel needs to bring to Japan, good walking shoes should be your main concern. If you are traveling to a region of Japan, it may or may not be worth buying a rail pass sooner.

So, of course, summer is always the favorite time to travel, and even if you have long summer days, you can feel the humidity. No, the Japanese aren't trying to rip you off; that's just the fare for taxi travel around Japan.

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