Where is it best to travel in march?

The best places to visit in March Sydney, Cozumel, Jamaica, Cairo, Moab, Punta Mita, Haleakala National Park, Whitehorse. The idyllic island of Bermuda is an ideal getaway destination in March for winter-weary Americans, as it offers blue skies, lots of sunshine and very little chance of rain. You can spend your time sunbathing on miles and miles of pink-sand beaches, see the island from another perspective while exploring the coast by boat or yacht, or dive into the blue waters with snorkeling or diving equipment to explore the wonderful marine diversity. Other water sports include jet skis, kitesurfing, flyboarding and parasailing.

On land, you can explore some of the island's natural wonders, such as the Glass Caves and the Bermuda Railroad Trail National Park. As winter turns to spring across the Northern Hemisphere, Japan's blossoms begin to bloom, and the milder temperatures, along with the appearance of the first plum blossoms, make it a good time to travel here before the peak season. Portugal is also starting to warm up, so it's a good time to hike along the coast and go sightseeing around the city without the summer crowds. In South Africa, wine harvests are in full swing and Kruger's wildlife is at its healthiest among the fresh, green vegetation that follows the rains.

Warmer temperatures and sunny skies show the best of Sri Lanka's beaches. Meanwhile, New Zealand's cooler climates make March an excellent month to explore, with quieter hiking trails, nearly empty coastlines and a good chance of sunshine. While much of Chile can be visited all year round, the rugged mountains of Patagonia are only easily accessible during the summer. Since March falls at the end of summer in Chile, you can still go hiking in Patagonia and you'll see fewer visitors compared to the beginning of the season.

Visiting Chile in March also gives you the chance to see the autumn leaves starting to appear in the Lakes Region, and as summer crowds diminish, the national parks become much quieter. It's also harvest season, with several festivals being held throughout the country's wine region including grape stomping, live music and, of course, wine tastings. As South Africa moves from summer to fall, you'll experience warm temperatures and little rain. Visit Winelands to enjoy the harvest in full swing and enjoy the beaches of Cape Town and along the Garden Route, where there will be fewer visitors than in the summer months (as long as you avoid the Easter holidays).

As summer fades and visitor numbers dwindle, March is an excellent time to visit New Zealand. Outside of Easter, you can enjoy quieter walking trails, almost empty beaches and a wide variety of hotels, while still enjoying pleasant temperatures and a good chance of sunshine. March marks the start of spring in Japan, with milder temperatures and the first blooms of the season. Visit it in the first weeks of March and you'll likely see the small bright pink blossoms of the plum tree and, if you travel to Hokkaido, fields of tulips and phlox in a rainbow of colors.

It may be difficult to predict, but the cherry blossom season also begins in March: the first blossoms appear in Okinawa, in the south, and move slowly north, with observation peaks in late March or early April. Japan's gardens act as a seasonal showcase, as protective winter covers are removed and fresh leaves and flowers sprout. With rising temperatures, spring flowers in bloom and fewer visitors than in the following months, March is an excellent time to visit Portugal. While it's not hot enough to spend hours at the beach, it's a good time to stroll along the coast and see the latest winter waves that bring surfers to the west coast and the Algarve.

The days are getting more and more sunny, and in cities like Lisbon and Porto you can stroll through the historic streets and enjoy the sights without the summer crowds (as long as you avoid Easter). These are the 10 best places to visit in March. Twice a year, visitors to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, covered in myths, can see the Kukulkan snake appear in the form of a shadow. Only on the spring and autumn equinoxes (March 20 and September 23, respectively), does the legendary feather serpent deity appear on the steps.

It descends slowly as the sun sets and eventually connects to the stone snake head at the foot of the grand staircase, which has a step for every day of the year. The equinox celebrations, in which indigenous pilgrims also come to the site to celebrate it, are the perfect impetus to explore the extraordinary ruins, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. They are anchored in the world's largest pyramid by volume, but there's more to see than this imposing structure. Here is a baseball field, the largest known in the Americas, 554 feet long, where a high-stakes basketball game was played through rings placed in the walls; losers were executed.

The adult-only Hyatt Zilara Riviera Maya opened in December on a 70-acre site with a 1.5-acre white-sand beach. All 291 rooms at this exclusive all-inclusive hotel have private outdoor space. The Mills House hotel, on the corner of Meeting and Queen Streets, dates back to 1853, but has just undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation, involving the renovation of its rooms and a new rooftop terrace and bar, among other improvements. Direct non-stop services to India are resuming: there is an approximately 15-hour flight from JFK to DEL from American and United, for example, but the most convenient option for the country is to connect via Dubai on Emirates (which reaches a dozen airports in North America) before going to a local airline such as IndiGo.

The 10-day fair (called Maastricht, which is how it is known among the arteriati) stands out for its strict admission criteria, with a panel of judges made up of 175 people who supervise the items for sale in an attempt to keep low-quality riffraff and complete counterfeits at bay outside the showroom. The four-star, 52-room Hotel Monastère Maastricht, located in a converted monastery dating back to the 14th century, is an affordable option. The rooms are small (not surprising, given their original purpose), but they are well-designed; all the main sights are easily accessible on foot. KLM flies direct to Amsterdam from New York, as well as to 10 other gateways, including LAS, MIA and MSP.

Hop on one of Holland's easy to use trains to get to Maastricht in about two hours. The 10-day celebration here was established to honor him and has been held for more than 40 years. From March 17th to 26th, the self-proclaimed Rosiest Party in the world includes an annual mattress race on Cherry Street, plus coronations for several princesses and queens of the festival. Local restaurants will launch special menus and cocktails, especially through the new Drink Your Pink contest.

Even if you can't go there, log in to the Bloom Cam, which will operate during the festival dates and offers a flower feed for all audiences everywhere. Delta's global hub, which is still the world's busiest airport (ATL), is 75 miles away; the airline connects it to every corner of the U.S. UU. The most famous rum in the world, Bacardi, is produced on this Caribbean island (despite the fact that the family of the same name is originally Cuban), making the sweet and strong liqueur synonymous with good life here.

In fact, waiter Ramon Marrero invented the piña colada for a 1954 cocktail contest in Puerto Rico. Well, more or less, since the recipe we use today was probably a riff of a drink that has been consumed here since the time of the pirates. Music and blows on pots or pans are part of the ritual before those effigies burn to ward off the evil they represent. The next day, expect a drastic change, as the word nyepi is derived from a root meaning quiet or quiet.

The whole country stops, with the roads empty and the airport closed, for a 24-hour period of contemplation and self-reflection. This pause breaks the next day with another holiday, with rituals such as the kissing ceremony, which brings single people together and challenges them to kiss to celebrate. Reserve, the luxurious and exclusive sister brand of the Ritz Carlton, operates a small group of ultra-luxury venues around the world, including Mandapa in Bali, a 35-room property whose design is inspired by a traditional Balinese village. These panels and conferences are complemented by an extensive musical program, which deliberately focuses on an eclectic variety of artists encompassing the whole culture.

See London-based Nigerian Afro-pop Obongjayar, as well as Taipei-based Deca and the British rockers of the '60s The Zombies. There's even a classic Tokyo Myers piano. For the first time since COVID-19, international tourists can freely view Kyoto's cherry blossoms. If you're looking for the best places to travel in March, we have what you need.

Although the month may be dedicated to spring break, traveling during this time involves much more than having margaritas with students. As spring approaches in the Northern Hemisphere, destinations begin to emerge from winter hibernation with warmer temperatures and flowers in bloom. Meanwhile, popular destinations in South America and Asia offer a blessed lack of humidity (and crowds) that can be experienced in the busiest months of summer. Cartagena is one of the best places to travel in March, thanks to a climate conducive to both exploring the city and relaxing on the beach.

Temperatures stay around 70 degrees and 80 degrees without too much humidity, and the sea breeze makes the nights cool and comfortable. Visit the old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with cobblestone streets and colonial-era architecture, as well as the Bocagrande neighborhood, full of skyscrapers, and the street art paradise of Gethsemane. Greenland is icy, mysterious and one of the most beautiful places on the planet by nature. And while the concept of the midnight sun in summer is appealing, there are many advantages to avoiding the crowds from June to September in favor of a late-winter stay.

The coastal town of Ilulissat is especially attractive in March, when there are fewer tourists, hotel prices are lower and there are no mosquitoes and other annoying insects (a major problem in the summer months). The city also shines more beautifully at this time, with a thick layer of snow that envelops the region in quiet silence. Located just south of Bocas del Toro, the province of Chiriquí, facing the Pacific Ocean, offers an equally beautiful but completely different slice of nature. Here you can walk through cloud forests, swim under roaring waterfalls, and watch the panoramic sunrise from the top of the Baru Volcano.

Stay at the new 10-room boutique hotel Finca El Oasis, right on the edge of the volcano, or venture a little further from the Pacific Gulf to the remote and luxurious 400-acre resort of Palenque Island. Condé Nast Traveler does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. The information published by Condé Nast Traveler is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting a health professional. For a truly memorable experience, take a nighttime snorkeling trip through bioluminescent waters with Hello Travel Panama.

Even better, mid-season seasons, such as spring, often offer an affordable way to combine off-season hotel rates and fewer crowds with peak season weather, a smart solution for any traveler looking for value for money. . .

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