Are travel cots safe?

Use the mattress that comes with the travel cot, as it is a key component to help keep it stable. Some travel crib mattresses may appear thin or hard, but using a different one may alter the capacity of your travel crib and may make it easier to tip over. Travel cots are not recommended for extended use because the mattresses are 8 cm deep. This means that the baby can climb or fall out of bed.

However, if you can get a thicker mattress, your baby won't be able to come out or fall. The surface on which a baby sleeps matters. Babies should sleep on a firm, flat surface every time they sleep. This can be a crib, a crib or a bassinet with a firm, well-fitting mattress.

A carrycot or travel cot is also a suitable sleeping surface. Each of these sleeping surfaces will reduce the risk of choking, breathing again, or of the baby falling into an unsafe position due to a soft surface that moves underweight. Travel cribs are portable and safe places for babies and toddlers to sleep when they are away from home. They are lightweight, have foldable sides, and fold into a portable format with a carrying handle, making them ideal for vacations, breaks and overnight stays.

Age Appropriateness: Age suitability varies widely for cribs. Most can be used from birth (we've specified the manufacturer's instructions), but travel cots that have a built-in carrycot offer a cozy, elevated sleep environment for newborns. Some even have fold-down sides so you can use them as a bedside crib. Some cribs can only be used for a few months, while others are suitable for up to around 3.5 years.

Our list covers travel cot prices ranging from £30 to £200, so it's quite a wide scope. For items of all prices, we expect a safe, comfortable and stable sleeping environment. The focus on airflow is one of the main attractions of Nuna Sena Aire. In addition to the 360-degree mesh-lined airflow in the crib and bassinet, the mesh mattress also has two levels of airflow through layers of ventilated padding.

This will ensure that the baby circulates plenty of fresh air and that parents also have good visibility. Sleeping on a surface that is too soft can be dangerous for babies. Safety experts suggest that you use a firm mattress without lining the crib with thick, fluffy quilts when using a travel crib. Portability: Travel cribs have lighter components and are designed for easy transport and storage.

Whether you're looking for something safe for a newborn or a spacious crib for an older child, you'll find it here. If you are looking for a travel cot that is double or even triple, this could be the product for you. You can keep the original mattress or look for a specific travel cot mattress that fits your crib (check dimensions as sizes vary) for a little more comfort. If a travel cot is mishandled or not properly maintained, it is unlikely to serve as a long-term solution.

Since many babies use a travel cot from 3 months to 5 years of age, you may need to replace the crib occasionally if used. If you travel frequently, using a travel crib as a permanent bed helps maintain familiarity with your baby's sleep routine. I'll also share some tips on what to consider when buying a mattress for a travel cot and offer some buying recommendations. To ensure it's safe, always follow safety guidelines, which include having a sturdy and strong frame and base in the crib, as well as a firm mattress.

To ensure that all safety precautions are met, The Lullaby Trust recommends buying new cribs whenever possible, however, a second-hand travel cot can be a good cost-effective option, especially if you only plan to use it once in a while. Travel cribs generally fall into two; the first is the typical traditional crib, which is mainly manufactured with a sturdy frame with fabrics around it, and this type of crib folds easily when not in use. With the skillful assistance of her 10-month-old and three-year-old children, Clemmie is a lifestyle writer specializing in parenting, wellness and travel. Because a travel cot is usually made of lightweight fabric, mesh, or quality plastic, it can be easily cleaned and disinfected after use.

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