Can you use a travel crib as regular crib?

Yes, it's okay for your child to take a nap in a travel crib. If your chosen portable crib is approved for a night's sleep, it's also perfectly safe for taking naps. You can use a travel cot as a permanent bed at home, as long as the crib is safe and in good condition. To ensure it's safe, always follow safety guidelines, which include having a sturdy, strong frame and base in the crib, as well as a firm mattress.

If you are not adding bedding to the park (no mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, etc.) If you often go to other people's homes, travel, or like to nap your baby no matter where you are, it's a great buy. Using a travel cot at home and taking it on trips will allow your baby the comfort of sleeping in a bed they are used to, no matter where they are. If a travel cot is mishandled or not properly maintained, it is unlikely to serve as a long-term solution. A travel cot is a versatile solution for many families who need a bed that can be folded and goes with them for travel.

Playpens also avoid disturbing a baby's sleep schedule, even when he is traveling. But some find their travel crib so practical that they wonder if it's OK to use it as a permanent bed for their baby. As long as you meet these requirements, it is acceptable to set up your travel crib at home as a permanent bed for your baby. Travel cots are lightweight, easy to maneuver and don't take up too much space, making them a perfect solution even in a hotel room.

If you travel frequently, using a travel crib as a permanent bed helps maintain familiarity with your baby's sleep routine. A good quality crib is a bigger investment right from the start, but it could be your child's place to sleep for 5 years or more. That said, I don't think sleep quality is as good in a pack-n-play as it is in a crib. Cribs make it HARDER to travel because the sleeping environment your child has become accustomed to cannot be easily recreated while on the move.

There are plenty of toddler beds and travel cots that fold down easily and are super light, but large, bulky backpacks designed for newborns aren't always the best travel solution. The idea is that not only are they light enough to move from one room to another, but they are also a good option for travel.

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