Where to travel without restrictions?

The travel status of each country can change suddenly and we know that it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. That's why we provide you with the information you need to consider when planning a trip. Learn about country-specific entry requirements, such as border status, COVID-19 testing requirements, and quarantine requirements. Many countries are reopening their borders for international travel.

Find out which countries are open to vaccinated travelers. Simply enter your country of departure at the top; the map will update to reflect the opening status of countries and any entry requirements for air travelers. Before you book, be sure to check the official website of your country's government. Most visitors from the United States, regardless of vaccination status, can enter Albania.

On March 10, the requirement to show proof of vaccination or negative test for domestic travelers to Puerto Rico, regardless of vaccination status, was removed according to updated travel guidelines issued by Discover Puerto Rico. On March 1, Belize eliminated testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers to enter the country; Belize also eliminated all curfew and outdoor mask mandates, according to updated guidance issued by the Belize Tourism Board. France made headlines throughout the pandemic for its inconsistent implementation of COVID-19 entry protocols for travelers, but seems to have come to a conclusion on what steps tourists should take to visit. As of March 14, unvaccinated or partially vaccinated Americans are only expected to submit the results of a negative PCR test performed within 72 hours of departure to France, or a rapid test performed within 48 hours of travel.

On the other hand, fully vaccinated travelers no longer have to take any entry action beyond presenting proof of full vaccination (including a booster) to airlines and customs officials. France considers it “fully vaccinated” if vaccinated and boosted with vaccines from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca or Johnson%26 Johnson. However, starting in March, all travelers can enter Ireland, regardless of vaccination status, and testing is not required at any time, according to the US, S. In theory, this means that your trip to Ireland must look like what it was like to travel before the pandemic.

You can find more information about updated travel requirements to Aruba at Visit Aruba. Travelers under 17 accompanied by a parent or guardian do not need to show proof of vaccination to enter, according to updated guidance through the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. Please note that international travelers can enter the country through 10 airports described by the government in its updated international travel protocols. The updated guidelines recently issued by the embassy also indicate that fully vaccinated travelers to Nepal no longer have to submit the results of a negative COVID-19 test before leaving the country, as long as they submit proof of vaccination.

Mexico is open to all international tourists without tests or quarantines. Mexico has truly been the king of tourism during the pandemic, since it has never closed its borders, has never enacted a testing protocol and has kept almost everything inside the country open to tourism. Beaches, gyms, hotels, restaurants and, in some parts, even nightclubs and bars, are open. Here you will find everything you need to know about the reopening of its borders for tourism in Mexico.

In combination with the removal of all entry requirements, Norway has also removed all internal covid restrictions, such as the use of face masks, isolation periods, social distancing and all use of vaccine passports. Slovenia is the fourth country in the world to eliminate all entry requirements, allowing foreign travelers to enter as before the pandemic. Slovenia withdrew its inner mask mandate in mid-April. Now, anyone can enter Iceland, regardless of vaccination status.

They have also completely abolished all tests, quarantines and online health forms to enter the country. Once inside, mask requirements have been removed, as have meeting limits and even early closing hours for bars and restaurants. Bahrain has removed all of its entry requirements related to COVID-19, along with most internal restrictions, as the Middle Eastern nation returns to normal. Proof of pre-flight tests, tests on arrival and all applications for vaccination are no longer available, including internal vaccine passports.

Now all travelers, regardless of their vaccination status, can enter Bahrain as before the pandemic. The Kingdom of Jordan has eliminated PCR tests, vaccination tests and all other entry requirements related to covid-19.Travelers can now enter without tests, quarantines or vaccine passports. The only small requirement that remains is the obligation to fill out an online health form, which strangely does not ask any questions related to covid. As a first step in planning any trip abroad, check out the travel recommendations for your intended destination.

You can see the world at a glance on our color-coded map. Which countries are open and relatively safe? The menu below shows the smartest places where U, S. Residents can go now and what are the entry requirements. Please note that requirements may be different for children; follow country links for more information.

Effective March 19, Aruba lifted all of its remaining COVID-19 restrictions, including the requirement that unvaccinated travelers entering the country submit the results of a negative COVID-19 test, aligning with its February decision to drop the requirement for vaccinated visitors. Like its neighboring country, Kosovo also eliminated its entry requirements in early May, after previously allowing vaccinated travelers to enter without testing or quarantine, while waiting for unvaccinated passengers to undergo pre-departure testing within 48 hours of entry. If entry is allowed, unvaccinated travelers must test before travel and quarantine for seven days after the. However, the requirements of the tests remain in place for unvaccinated travellers aged 12 years or older, who must take a PCR test within two days of departure to Malaysia and a rapid test within 24 hours of arrival.

The two new entries from Gabon and Yemen have eliminated all entry requirements related to COVID-19 for travellers, but little data is provided other than that testing, vaccination test or quarantines have not been eliminated. This will make travel within the region much easier, as border neighbors Greece, North Macedonia and Romania have also eliminated their entry requirements. Until now, unvaccinated travelers have been able to enter Greece, but have been restricted from access to certain indoor public spaces, including restaurants, museums, nightclubs, theaters, cinemas and stadiums. Be sure to also contact your travel insurance company and your travel provider and let them know your situation.

In addition, by the end of April, fully vaccinated people no longer have to worry about wearing a face mask in public, nor should they quarantine if another traveler in their group develops symptoms of COVID-19. The Ministry of the Interior of Cyprus considers that travellers are fully vaccinated if they receive a booster and if nine months have elapsed since they received the final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. Traveling to Thailand became much easier in May, when the country announced it would welcome unvaccinated visitors again. Despite confusion surrounding Greece's plans to reopen earlier this month, the country no longer imposes vaccination requirements starting May 2, meaning that travelers heading to Greece this summer can do so without worrying about showing proof of vaccination or meeting testing requirements previous.

On April 16, Jamaica eliminated its pre-departure testing requirement, meaning travelers to Jamaica do not need to take a COVID-19 test to visit the country. Pre-arrival testing requirements were waived for travelers 12 years of age or older fully vaccinated on May 1, according to Malaysia's Ministry of Health.

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