What is the difference between a travel system and a stroller?

Basically, stroller frames are, it's just that, frames in which you can place your baby's car seat to create a stroller. Travel systems are a set consisting of a car seat and a stroller that are sold as one. These baby equipment may also include additional bases for the car seat and other accessories. The compact stroller and the full-size stroller are very similar.

Both have all the bells and whistles such as a reclining seat, footrest, optional cup holders, storage baskets, etc. The main difference is the size. The compact stroller is slightly smaller, usually shorter and narrower than the full size. However, an important difference is that the full-size stroller can often be expanded to transform into a double (or triple) stroller.

They can often be coordinated with an infant car seat using the right adapter and transformed into a travel system. Most strollers are suitable for children 4-6 months and older, so a travel system is good for the first few months when you want to be away from home but also want to keep the baby protected. You can leave it in your vehicle to run random errands, get in and out of stores and, most importantly, it's an excellent travel stroller for the airport. Many brands will sell a pre-made stroller and infant seat combination, while others allow you to choose your stroller, infant car seat, and create your own travel system by purchasing the compatible car seat adapter as well.

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