Can 3 year old sleep in travel cot?

Some of the more compact cribs are light to transport and easy to store, but for this reason they will only last between 3 and 18 months. Others are larger and you can use them from 3 or 6 months to 3 years or even 5 years, such as with the Bushbaby Nestegg folding travel cot. All the information you need about the safe sleeping requirements for travel cots and mattresses for infants and toddlers. Most travel cribs range from three months to three years old, but some come with cribs designed for newborns and others can support a child up to five years old.

They are very easy to assemble, create a nice little sleeping pod for your baby and are ideal for activities such as camping. Travel crib age ranges really vary, so always look at what the manufacturer suggests and if there is a weight limit. To ensure that all safety precautions are met, The Lullaby Trust recommends buying new cribs whenever possible, however, a second-hand travel cot can be a good cost-effective option, especially if you only plan to use it occasionally. Travel cribs often come with a much thinner and harder mattress, and while it may be tempting to cover it with a folded duvet or pillows, thick, loose fabrics pose a choking and strangulation hazard.

UK experts in safe sleep, The Lullaby Trust, advise parents to use a firm, flat and waterproof mattress in good condition. You can keep the original mattress or look for a specific travel cot mattress that fits your crib (check dimensions as sizes vary) for a little more comfort. With the skillful assistance of her 10-month-old and three-year-old children, Clemmie is a lifestyle writer specializing in parenting, wellness and travel. Many travel cots have wheels for easy maneuverability, but they must be effectively locked or have a combination of legs and wheels to prevent accidental rolling.

While travel cots are safe for babies and toddlers to sleep for short periods of time, they are not designed to sleep regularly for a long period of time. You need a more robust permanent crib for normal daily use, in addition to a travel cot for occasional use. Like all cribs and crib beds sold in the UK, travel cots must comply with European safety standards, so the same safety regulations apply, regardless of whether the crib is made for the home.

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